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Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Times Magazine article on character

This weekend’s New York Times Magazine includes an article I wrote about character education. It focuses on a collaborative project between the KIPP schools in New York City and Riverdale Country School — a project that I’m also writing about in my book “The Success Equation,” which is due out in the fall of 2012. On the Times’s new SchoolBook blog, as an adjunct to the article, they’re soliciting reader questions for David Levin, the superintendent of KIPP NYC, and Dominic Randolph, the head of Riverdale.

4 comments on “Times Magazine article on character

  1. Paul,
    I urge you to explore Montessori. Dr. Maria Montessori’s principles allow a child to cultivate this “grit” you speak of. The “success equation” really needs to discuss these Montessori principles if it is to build on what is already known. Montessori children are allowed to fail many times a day and are also allowed the time and freedom to achieve personal success at their individual tasks as well as achieving success in cultivating the community (class room) they are a part of. Please consider my suggestion. Reach out to any of us at You’ll be glad you did!!
    Aidan McAuley

  2. Paul Tough says:


    Thanks for the suggestion. I enjoyed the video on your site, and I’ll look forward to learning more.


  3. hi there i’m bertrand and I am the director of a new montessori institute positioned in paris, france. I’m trying to click on the link to read the article but nothing happens. I don’t know if my computer has a problem .. could you please send or publish the direct link please ? thanks

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