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Sunday, October 31st, 2010

Bill Gates Q&A

Last weekend, Parade magazine ran a Q&A that I did with Bill Gates in September on teaching, schools, and “Waiting for Superman.” This week in the magazine, there’s a response from the president of the National Education Association.

One comment on “Bill Gates Q&A

  1. NEA is a liberal disgrace when it comes to helping young people learn to their potential. It’s a union interested mainly in continuing to be a union and collecting dues so it can get democratic progressives elected to office. Read my book about what’s wrong with public schools and how to fix them. I solved the problem years ago! I wrote about the four main topics contained in Waiting for Superman in my book: quality teachers,
    standards, accountability, and more classroom time. I also practiced the methods to exemplfy using these four items. Go to the web site ( and read about The Nightmare That Is Public Education. Despite its title, every chapter is filled with positive, practical, doable strategies for helping young people reach their learning potential. The contents of my book are based upon the 38 years of experience I had in public schools.

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