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Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone

From the Chicago Defender, news of an ambitious effort to bring Promise Neighborhood funding to the city’s Woodlawn neighborhood. The Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone is a collaboration between Bishop Arthur Brazier [above] and Prof. Charles Payne and others at the University of Chicago. As the paper reports:

More than one year ago, the pastor emeritus of Apostolic Church of God, Bishop Arthur Brazier began working with schools in his area and quickly became concerned with how little the community was doing to improve the academic standards in the schools.
He learned about the Harlem Children’s Zone and paid a visit to the organization that focuses on the three academic levels of a child’s life — Baby College, Promise Academy and College Success Office – within a 96-square block area in Harlem, N.Y.
Brazier then drew from HCZ’s model and convened a coalition of community leaders, educators and parents to develop a plan to improve Woodlawn’s 10,000 children’s lives from birth through college years and beyond. The Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone was born, he said.

3 comments on “Woodlawn Children’s Promise Zone

  1. This is the story of a project I ran on Frederick Douglass in collaboration with students, teachers and community members. I did attempt to talk and gain the support of Reverend Braizer at the time. I considered the project a grand collaboration and still do. As a a teacher I had one goal and that was that not another generation of young people would grow up without knowing about Frederick Douglass in Chicago.

  2. hopscotch says:

    Inviting members of the community to propose new programming through this WCPZ that will support the development of summer opportunities that are not just for the community but also by the community.

  3. Is there a rep in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Getting ready to build.

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