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Thursday, May 7th, 2009

The East Durham Children’s Initiative

From the Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Herald Sun, an article about an effort to replicate the Harlem Children’s Zone in a neighborhood in Durham:

The East Durham Children’s Initiative will introduce “baby college” for parents as well as focused programming and after-school offerings at Smith Elementary, Neal Middle and Southern High. The Holton Center will provide adult literacy courses overseen by Durham Technical Community College, a planner said.

[County Commissioner Ellen] Reckhow heard a radio segment about the Harlem Children’s zone on a Saturday afternoon last fall. An Internet search led her to New York Times Magazine editor Paul Tough’s book “Whatever It Takes,” a profile of the Children’s zone and its leader, Geoffrey Canada. Reckhow bought copies as holiday presents for her fellow county commissioners and the county manager.

Work on the project began in January.

One comment on “The East Durham Children’s Initiative

  1. Allan Lang says:

    I am a G A L and have several families in the East Durham area whose children have need of your services.

    How do I contact you and learn more about the programs that you offer?

    Allan Lang
    G A L

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