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Friday, January 29th, 2010

More from Somerville

From the Tufts Daily, more news on the plans to bring a program based on the Harlem Children’s Zone to the Mystic housing project in Somerville, Mass. (I posted a link to the original announcement of the project back in December.)

The program is styled after the Harlem Children’s Zone project pioneered by Geoffrey Canada. Cochran noted, however, that though the goals and strategies of the two projects are similar, there are a couple of notable differences.

“Only about 30 percent of the families speak English as a first language,” he said. “The cultural diversity in the Mystic Housing Development is one of its unique characteristics.”

[Update: The story in the Tufts Daily seems to have disappeared from their web site. So the link above is no longer good. Sorry.]

2 comments on “More from Somerville

  1. Angela Chan says:

    Hi Paul,

    The link to the Tufts Daily article isn’t working. Thanks.


  2. Paul Tough says:

    Thanks, Angela. I’ve just added an update.

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